Student run Major League Hackathon in Edinburgh

Teams will have 24 hours to hack with our sponsors' APIs and services to produce some awesome hacks. The hackathon is not themed and prizes are oriented towards our sponsor's challenges.

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  • You must be a student in order to participate
  • You can participate in teams of 1-4 people - we will help you find a team if you do not organise one!
  • You must be over the age of 18
  • You must bring your Tito┬áticket to the event
  • Individuals must bring all hardware they will use during the hack, while we aim to provide some hardware - we can't make any promises!


  • You can create anything you wish! This includes software and hardware hacks
  • You are free to use any publically available APIs and libraries (including APIs provided by sponsors)
  • You can use any programming language/combination of languages
  • You must not submit anything you made before the start of the hackathon - let's keep it fair!
  • You must submit the source code to your app - this is used for review purposes, we will not claim rights to your code
  • You should aim to create at least a partially working prototype to have the best chance of winning - think of something you can create in 24 hours when planning!
  • Please make sure to include photos and videos of your submission in your ChallengePost entry

How to enter

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Angus Pearson

Angus Pearson

Judging Criteria

  • Overall 1st
  • Best Leap
  • Best Bloomberg
  • Best Communications
  • Best Twilio